Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Waiting By The Phone

My telephone doesn't ring very often. On most days, that's the truth. Today it rang constantly. Each time I heard it, I got excited. This must be Ben, calling to tell me that Ruth was being taken to the hospital to deliver our new granddaughter.

It was the dentist, calling to remind John that he had an appointment tomorrow morning. "We'll be there." Click.

Then it was Mom, letting me know she bought a new pair of pants half off at the mall. We had a nice conversation. I call her almost every night. She almost never calls me, and this was nice. Still, it seemed strange, especially today when I was listening for the phone.

Our oldest son called from San Francisco. He was on a two-week training session there, and was nice enough to call. Even though he sounded tired, we had a nice talk. He laughed when I admitted to thinking he might have been the call from Connecticut. "Tomorrow, Mom," he told me. Like he would know...

One of the men from the Navy base called John. They talked long enough for my heart rate to slow down. I'm not sure what it was about, but John didn't start packing a suitcase, so I guess we're not going anywhere yet. That's good. I'm still editing my novel, and September is booked solid. October still looks like a good time to deal with the contractor stuff they need.

Ring... "Hello! Obama's local headquarters? You want my opinion? Are you sure?"

After I gave him my opinion, which I did politely I might add, he hung up rather abruptly.

Eventually I'll get that phone call. I know Ruth isn't making me wait on purpose. She's probably more anxious than I am. I've been assured that the news is imminent. Today or tomorrow. Come on, Kate, we're all waiting for you!


sherrie said...

For the first part of this blog I was feeling like a terrible friend because I haven't called for several days, but by the end I was feeling a little devastated, thinking, "She doesn't miss MY phone calls?!?!?"

I'm getting over it. I'll try to call you tomorrow :D


Ruth said...

Sorry - still here. Hopefully today, though, I won't be! We're going to the doctor's later this morning and hopefully the hospital a few hours after that (or at least by tonight). We will be calling you today at some point(s) to give you updates.

Last night I kept dreaming that my water broke, then I'd wake up and the sheets would be dry. It was a weird feeling, though.