Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Mr. Fix It

Today when I sent something to the printer, I was amazed to get a little prompt telling me that there was no printer.

Of course, there's a printer. It's been there for a long time. I looked at the wireless arc. Not there. I went downstairs, and there's my husband. He decided he could make the system faster. He brought it all down. Router, hubs, printers, VoiceOveriP. That means we had no phones, either. No internet, no connections to the world. No 911. No "Hi, Mom." Email was gone, too. Not to worry. This is the first time he's done this since... um, yesterday.

Someone once told me she'd rather have a man handy than a handy man. At the time it didn't make as much sense to me. Her husband couldn't fix anything, but he was always there to call a plumber or drive the toaster to the repair shop. I get it now. He would never have thought to take apart something that worked to see if he could make it better or faster.

Last night John bought a book entitled 22 Projects for the Evil Genius. Does anyone want to borrow the man for a few months while he works his way through the book?


Ri said...

Maybe it's him that inspired the hit show "Home Improvement".

Heather said...

Joe just replaced our garbage disposer. It was his first time and it went great. I thought he had done the one in CA but he reminded me that it was my step dad. I am glad that when he turned it on it worked and no smoke was billowing out of the sink. On to the screen door now.