Saturday, August 16, 2008

First Family Portrait

I only checked for new photos a few (dozen) times today. After all, there were lots of babies born yesterday. They didn't let me down. Benjamin and Ruth wouldn't let 1,856 miles stand between grandparents and their newest delivery.

They all look happy, of course, but doesn't Ashley look like she made all the arrangements herself? She's been talking about "Baby Kate" for months.

Of all the babies born this week, I wonder how many grandparents can honestly look at the first portrait and know the child will go home to a family where the love is so deep and rich. Time will always be taken there to nurture, educate, and enjoy.

I looked up the word 'family' in the dictionary. There was no definition that I felt encompassed the entire essence of Ben and Ruth's home. It goes beyond values and religion, although that's included. So is love. It's the patience, tenderness, support and joy with which they treat each other. The circle opened to include Ashley. It has opened again for Kate.

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