Sunday, August 3, 2008

Catching Up On Jeopardy

Writing a book doesn't leave much time for television. I counted 34 taped episodes of Jeopardy on our DVR, and decided that, since it was Sunday afternoon, I would try to catch up on a few of them.

I gave up after the episode with the "Chemistry" category. I took chemistry in high school. I got an A, in fact. How did I do on the category? I got one right. The answer was sulphuric acid. The question of course, was "What is H2S04?"

I missed everything else.

So why did I remember sulphuric acid?

Little Willie was a chemist.
Little Willie is no more.
What he thought was H20
Was H2S04.

Sorry Mr. Whoever you were. That's all I can remember from your class.

Forget Jeopardy. I think I'd rather go edit my book...

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