Friday, August 1, 2008

A Different Song

I just finished the first draft of my novel, A Different Song.
83,699 words; ±308 paperback pages; ±436 manuscript pages.

Well, I still have to clean up the appendix. (Yes, it has one.)
I didn't include that in the statistics above.

But the story is complete.
The first draft is finished.
The first edit is done.

Now I will — um...

Soon, like maybe tomorrow I will start over at page one,
red pen in hand,
and do a little tightening,
some checking,
some editing,
some laughing
some crying
some praying...

What do I have to say for myself?
Well, Ellen likes it.


sherrie said...

WAHOOOO!!!!! Congratulations!!! I absolutely can't believe that you wrote a book so fast -- you didn't mention that you did it all in JUST 39 DAYS! Ellen was your perfect first reader, too. I'm glad she loved your book so much, but what made her perfect is that if she didn't like it, she would have told you so. I can't wait until the rest of us get to read it.


Ri said...

This is huge! Can't wait to read it! Way to go!