Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Day in the Life

Has anybody seen the download cable for my digital camera? I know where it should be. I know where I thought it was. I even know where I figured I put it. Yes, those are three different places. It's not in any of them. I could have left it in the console of the car, but it's dark out there—and raining. And I hate to remind John that he was going to help me find my car keys, so I could I borrow his? Again?

Maybe I don't need to download photos tonight. Perhaps I'll think of it earlier tomorrow. Nobody's going to read this tonight anyway, right?

Besides, I have to go to town tomorrow for physical therapy on my foot. Plantar fasciitis. Fun stuff. I can check in the car then without making an extra trip. No one will notice that I didn't put pictures in here again. Of the elks. Of the snow. Of the beautiful hills. Sigh.

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