Monday, April 19, 2010

Flight Update—Holland Dreaming'

We're not on the airplane yet, of course, but things are looking up a bit. Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, where we're supposed to be headed on Thursday, has changed their front page statement. All day it's remained unchanged from yesterday's warning that no flights would be taking off and there was no estimate on when flights would be expected to begin. Tonight, however, there's a new message:

"Dutch airspace will gradually become available for air traffic on Tuesday. Air traffic to and from the airport will commence in phases. Initially flights will only take place at daylight and capacity will be limited. It will take days before air traffic to and from Schiphol will be fully resumed."

On looking further, I found some news that might be considered alarming. Our flight is going through Detroit. The eight fights tomorrow that go through Detroit have all been cancelled. There are nine flights being routed through JFK in New York City. Of those nine, four are still scheduled to arrive within an hour of their originally planned time.

I'm fairly positive, with all the people stranded coming and going, it's too late to change our city of departure. What does that mean for us? It's still prayer time. (Well, it's always prayer time, isn't it?)


Ben said...

All flights are booked so unfortunately, if you miss the flight (i.e., it's cancelled), the next available flight is probably mid-week, so yes, it's too late to change the city of departure.

Ben said...

... but the flights scheduled to take off tonight haven't been cancelled yet. Either way, there's still a few more days to get things sorted out.