Monday, March 29, 2010

Plushenko's 2008 Sextravaganza Skate

Just for fun—hide the children—I had to share this. I'm never sure why some things sleep for years and then suddenly do the rounds on YouTube, but a friend shared this with me today. I had a good laugh, and I know so many people who need one right now that I figured this was a great place to put a copy. So here comes famed Russian champion ice skator Evgeny Plushenko, giving his February, 2008 performance.

He skated to the Tom Jones classic "Sex Bomb," and I'm not sure where Plushenko was, but it was some kind of gala. That's all the information YouTube gives. So clear the room and enjoy it. (Actually, there were children in the audience, so it's not too raunchy.


Schmath said...

Ha ha. That guy's crazy. Is he wearing a muscle suit?

Kathleen said...

Yes, that's a muscle suit. Sure gave me a good laugh!

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