Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy in Holland

I actually did get a couple of hours sleep on Thursday night. There was a fabulous thunder storm that I needed to enjoy first. It finally tapered off sometime after midnight. I was in the shower at 2:30 a.m. John wanted the 3 a.m. slot, so I cleared out for him and woke him up just before the alarm would have gone off. We were ready to fly into Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Our neighbor drove us to the shuttle (thanks, Doug). The shuttle was really punctual and arrived early at the airport. The day continued with nothing of any significance going wrong. I will say that the quality difference between Continental and Delta's food served is staggering. Our August and September 2009 flights on Continental were highlighted by the food. We were amazed at how really good it was. We'd never really had airline food that you could brag about before.

Well, Delta obviously doesn't care. At least I can say honestly that it was served by a very nice woman who didn't seem to be getting any thanks at all from the passengers. I made sure to tell her that we really appreciated getting food. We did. Even though it wasn't great, we were very hungry. Remember the adage, "Hunger is the best sauce?" John and I had a lot of "sauce" on our food.

Being here with Ben & Ruth, Ashley and Kate is wonderful. The smiles and giggles are so endearing. It really tickles me to see how excited somebody can get to see us. (The little ones got excited, too!) More tomorrow, and hopefully with photos. We're going to see the tulips in the morning.

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sherrie said...

TULIPS! Thanks for the updates (yes, I know there will be more).

So glad your trip went well.