Friday, September 18, 2009

Time With My Sister

No, I haven't been keeping my blog up this week. I'm behind, and just having too much fun with my sister to worry about it too much. Her husband was kind enough (and busy enough with work) to send her here for her birthday week while he spent the time in Reno at the office. (He commutes from California.)

We've had a marvelous week, and I've taken photos to share—once the fun stops. She flies out tomorrow, so you can expect to see more of our European trip and the fun we had this week appearing shortly. For today, however, we're heading up to the mountains to see how much of the fall foliage has already changed colors.


Janice Davies said...

Are you the same Kathleen Harrell who moved from kenmore circle in Newbury Park?

Kathleen said...

That would be me.

Janice Davies, Benchmark Escrow said...

I sent an email to you today at 10:14 a.m. Need you to reply so that we can issue funds due to you. (We issued a refund check at closing that went uncashed.)Or click on my link to access our website for my contact info.

sherrie said...

Wow, that previous comment is out of the blue but exciting!

I'm glad you and Ellen have had a great time together. I can't wait to see pictures of fall colors! I miss them. We do have quite a few trees in NP that change color and that's nice, but I miss whole mountainsides in various shades of red & orange & yellow, ahhhhhhh.