Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Experiences

Two things I don't remember ever doing before have been added to my list of personal experiences since I arrived here in Europe.

Number One: I have stood downtown in a city and said to myself, "I could actually live here." That was in Ghent, Belgium. I know you're shocked. I was as well, but don't worry. It will never happen.

Number Two: I have stood looking at a tree with irritation because it blocked my view of a building. Say what? That really sounds backwards to me, even as I write it, but it is true. History lover that I am, some of these fine old buildings are blocked by trees, and it frustrated me not to be able to see every crenelated rooftop, gabled arch, and gorgeous frieze. These aren't just buildings. They're masterpieces.


Ri said...

#2 is surprising since you are also a lover of nature - as proven by your home.

Pastor Stan said...

Have a new song for your repertoire

sherrie said...

An oxymoronic conundrum?