Thursday, September 10, 2009

Arriving in Amsterdam on Kate's Birthday

The timing of our trip was perfect. We landed in Amsterdam the morning of our youngest granddaughter Kate's first birthday. Two of our suitcases carried gifts. Some were Christmas and birthday presents from us for their family, which sure saved us a bundle on postage costs. There were also things they can't get where they live, like Cheerios and Graham Crackers, clearly things children can't live without. Other things were ordered by Ben and Ruth from US stores to be delivered to our home and brought over by us.

I'll admit to worrying, since we had less than an hour to change planes in Houston. What if we missed the flight? Most of Kate's birthday presents were coming with us! Ben reassured me that we would have plenty of time, and that things would work out the way they should. If we were late, we'd deal with it, he told me. However, it wasn't a problem, as we made it with minutes to spare.

The photos tell the story: a little girl, too darling for a grandmother's words to explain, enjoying the thrill of realizing she can actually rip off the paper by herself.

The joy of finding a book inside that's not only bright and colorful, but strong enough to chew without destroying.

Proud daddy taking photos...

...while big sister lends a hand.

And there's a new sweater from Grandma (of course).

Mommy beams her approval and offers encouragement...

...and then cake.

The pleasure of watching Kate's first sugar rush was the best way to start a holiday abroad.


sherrie said...

Kate is SO adorable! I love the sweater. They're going to have enough sweaters to have a sweater museum by the time they start elementary school! Cute camera show-down with Ben, too. This is going to be fun to read details & see pictures day by day. I'll be tuning in.

Sharon and Marvin said...

Love your sweater...such talent! Yes, she is a cutie all right and you can just see joy dancing in her beautiful big eyes.