Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Home Again

Jet lag didn't seem to bother us, going to Europe. Maybe we were too excited. John was a little effected, but I really didn't seem to notice. Perhaps getting up at 2:30 in the morning the night before we took off, and then sleeping off and on during the flight there helped. I'm just not sure.

Coming home was a different story. From Amsterdam to New Jersey, we had the privilege of being the two people seated in front of two unattended children, aged approximately seven and eight, whose father was about eight rows ahead of us. They kicked the seat backs for the entire flight. Talking to them helped—for about ten minutes. I don't really blame them so much as the dad. He didn't provide them with so much as a book or toy to entertain themselves with. What was he thinking?

About every two or three hours he'd wander back and say, "How's it going?" They'd say, "Fine, Daddy," and he'd return to his seat. They would resume kicking the seats and wrestling. Monkeys would have been easier, I think. Sleeping was not an option. I really wanted to talk to the father, but John gave me one of those looks when I mentioned it. I didn't want to be left at the next airport.

When we finally landed at Denver, there was a mixup in phone numbers. The mobile number I had for Dick and Carol was off by one digit. I called their home number and left a message, in case they checked there, or one had stayed home, but they had already left together and were waiting in free parking for us to call. They never checked home for messages. After we stood at the curb for an hour, occasionally calling the car phone (which only rings when the car is turned on) they finally came to the arrival area to check on our flight and found us at the curb. They wanted to know why we didn't answer our cell phone. We learned when we got home that they were calling our home number.

All was fine at that point, and we went to their home for a really fine tri-tip dinner with all the trimmings and went to bed too early, then woke up in the middle of the night. Jet lag is not for sissies.

I'm not sure we're on Colorado time yet. I'm thinking about it. I watched sunrise from my deck this morning, and felt the peace of home sink in. I was glad to be here. We'll pick up our mail shortly, and life will resume. A short while ago we spoke to Ruth and Ashley on the phone, and that felt good. I had to take my glasses off when Ashley's sweet little voice came over the phone. It amazes me how much a person can miss a couple of small children.

Last night I downloaded my still photos. I'll start putting up blogs, probably tonight or tomorrow, of our trip in the order of our experiences. First I have to download my video camera and get that clipped together, of course. It took two hours just to download my stills. I wonder how long the videos will take. It's all worth it, though. My heart can hold on to all the joy, but my brain still needs the photos for those crisply detailed memories.


Ruth said...

To the guy's credit, at least he checked on the kids. He probably thought inflight movies would entertain them. People who aren't around their kids all day don't necessarily think of things like making sure the children are entertained and not disturbing the people around them. But, hey, at least you got leg room.

Ruth said...

And, Ben may disagree, but in our experience, it seems like European airlines don't do all they can to make sure people together sit together. If the father was alone, he may have thought it better to have the boys sit together rather than one with him and one alone. But, who knows?

We had a great time with you and are glad you came!