Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Road Trip, Day 14, Progress is Beautiful

Ashley probably didn't realize how honored Grandpa and Grandma felt today when she allowed us to join her on the floor with her and her toys. We played. We sang. We even got close enough to touch a few times. She's still cautions, and wanted to make sure that Mom wasn't too far away, but it was progress nonetheless, and made us all very hopeful about the possibility of having a photo taken together before we leave.

Before we left the hotel this morning, an early rain storm felt so good after the sweltering humidity yesterday that I went out for a walk in it before we picked up Ben for the early commuter train. Some good things last. This one didn't. When it was gone, the humidity was higher than ever, and the heat was greater than yesterday. The possible good news is that tomorrow (or soon) there's supposed to be a break in both the temperature and humidity. With any luck, it'll be before we leave.

In case anyone is missing the photos I should be putting into these blogs, I promise that when I get home, there will be some editing done to add photos where I would be placing them if I wasn't running on a shortage of energy. I haven't downloaded any photos during this whole trip so far, and I'm working on John's laptop, which really doesn't have anywhere for me to start downloading my photos. His drive has important Engineer stuff on it. I guess. He's nice enough to let me use it, though, which is what counts. So I'll add in photos when I get home.

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sherrie said...

Yay for progress! I'm so glad you get to sing and play together, that's precious. I guess babies are harder to win over than pets, because my 'fraidy dog wanted to be your best friend within minutes of you just ignoring him. I don't think I know much about babies or pets.