Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Road Trip, Day 13, Long-Distance Grandparents

It's very interesting being long-distance grandparents. Ashley Jane doesn't know us, and still doesn't particularly want to know us. She's very happy watching us from a distance, kind of like a zoo or an aquarium exhibit. We're interesting, but not something she wants to have up close and personal. Don't feed the bears. Don't let the bears feed you.

I have every confidence that she'll outgrow this. I doubt it's going to happen in the next five days. We're sure enjoying Ruth and Ben, though, and it's a lot of fun to watch Ashley as she crawls around. That's a new skill we're privileged to see. Our great desire, of course, is to hold and cuddle and spoil her, which she won't allow. There are times in all our lives when we find ourselves on the outside looking in, and in those times we have other blessings to count - many of them. I'm counting as fast as I can, and looking ahead to the many milestones that lie ahead.

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