Sunday, August 5, 2007

Days 9-11, Cape Cod to New Haven, CT

I want to add few comments here about Boston before I continue on to the stay at Cape Cod and arriving in New Haven. We only saw Boston from the highway, and I've always thought I'd like to really explore Boston because of the historical aspects (and, of course, Fenway Park). After driving through it, however, I'll admit that they would either need to empty it of the majority of its population first, or arm me with a prescription for a really strong sedative. It was like Los Angeles on a really bad traffic day if you didn't know where you were or where you were going.

Now let's fast forward to the prettiest lobby of any hotel we'd stayed in since our train trip to Glacier National Park way back when the boys were teens. This place was sumptuous, with solid cherry wood walls leading to an indoor pool and sauna, beautifully showcased beyond a magnificent lobby desk, lovely paintings unlike the usual hotel variety, and beautiful decorator art pieces. I actually had some fun with my camera in there, imagining myself recommending this place to brother Patrick. However (and a big however it was) the walls and floors were paper thin, and pets were allowed. At eleven p.m. I called the front desk to ask if a call could be made to the people above me to suggest that perhaps it might be time to end the calisthenics hour. Five minutes of silence was followed by about fifteen of retaliation stomping, and then blissful silence.

It must have been around midnight that the people next door decided that doggie dear was really sleeping deeply and wouldn't notice if they indulged in a little night life. Apparently the slamming of their room door woke him up, because he spent the next two hours barking steadily. No, I didn't call the desk again. I figure one complaint a night is more than my usual quota, and mentally crossed off recommending this lovely hotel. So sorry. It looked so wonderful, too. I was left feeling like the proverbial dyslexic agnostic insomniac who sits up into the wee hours of the night wondering if there really is a dog. And yes, John slept through it all.

The next two days were devoted to the wedding, and although we were understandably tired, everything was really wonderful. Our three sons grew up as friends with the bride and her sister and brother. Now the kids are young adults, four of the six married, and all wonderful people. It was so great to see Kelley (the bride) surrounded by such a warm and loving family. Marty (the groom) is great. It was just the sort of situation you want to see someone you love find.

We didn't end up doing any sightseeing, but that's not a problem. The main thing I wanted to see was the Cape Cod General Store. It's been open since 1800. Still, I understand it's changed hands several times, and I was also told that the prices have gone way up too, so I'm not too disappointed. We had also talked about visiting Fall River, birth place of my old pal Jeanne (mother of the bride) and Lizzie Borden (famous suspected hatchet murderess). Strong women, both, but I prefer Jeanne. She's a nurse, not a fighter.

Our day ended at Ben and Ruth's home, being enchanted by our 7 month old granddaughter, who wasn't too sure yet if we were scary or funny. I hope she makes up her mind in time to have a photo made with us before we leave. Ben got lucky. Ruth sure can cook, and she's a real sweetheart and a great mom.


sherrie said...

I'm so glad you're back to tell us all of your travel stories. Sorry about the disturbances. They probably seemed worse because it was happening in such a lovely place. It's very nice you have such a happy place to follow it -- enjoy, enjoy, enjoy that baby!!! Well, and of course, Ben & Ruth!!!

Kathleen said...

Maybe it's a comment on my mental state, but it struck me as more funny than anything else. To paraphrase that song, "Let's give them something to blog about..."