Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Driving Around Omaha

One of the interesting things on our road trip that we'll love to remember is driving around Omaha, Nebraska. The speed limit is 75 and there are three lanes in each direction. People were doing either 50 or 85-90. You couldn't really drive comfortably if you wanted to go the speed limit. You could either go 50 or under, in the slow lane, or you could have someone crawling up your tail pipe in one of the other two lanes. It was the most nervous I've ever seen John as a driver. He would rather do stop and go on a busy freeway than that. Actually, so would I. You just can't regulate your speed properly when the cars around you are all trying to be Farmer John or Mario Andretti.

And just so you know — when I find my download chord for my digital camera, you'll see some photos...

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