Saturday, August 11, 2007

Road Trip, Day 17, The Best Laid Plans

Blame it on the weatherman. We were going to swim at the hotel on either Friday or Saturday after Ben got home from work or school. So Friday it was raining and cold. Saturday the weatherman promised hot and clear for the evening hours - 85 degrees at 8 p.m. He lied. By the time we ate dinner, it was already cooling down rapidly. And, of course, there was a slight emergency.

Has anybody seen Ben's feet? Well, they started coming out of the bottom of his shoes on the way home from work today. That necessitated an emergency run to those stores that might sell cruise ship sized (thank you for the term, Jeremy) dress shoes. By the time they accepted defeat and arrived at the hotel, it was too cold to drag a baby into the pool. We had a lot of fun sitting around the room playing with the baby and looking at Ben's feet. Ben spent too much time apologizing for messing up the plans, but I'm not sure what he could have done about it. Change the weather? Skip school? Either not possible or not a good idea. Shall we sing together, "There's some shoes for me - somewhere, some shoes for me. Space for toes and some solid soles wait for me somewhere."

It's hard to believe that tomorrow is our last day together for this trip. Who knows when we'll next get out here? Hopefully they'll get the chance to visit Colorado. Now that Ruth has two brothers in our area, it will come sooner than if we were the only family in the area. It's kind of a shame that I'll get to see her folks and her brothers in a couple of weeks, and she'll have to wait awhile longer. They're good people, and quite possibly almost as busy as the kids. At least that's what I've been told, but after living on the fringes of the Benjamin and Ruth lifestyle for a week, it's hard to believe anyone could be that busy for long if they're not young. I also understand why God gives children to young women, not us oldies but goodies.


Ruth said...

We aren't too worried about Ben's feet, so you shouldn't be either. It's a good thing Ben has "big" feet, because if he didn't, he would look out of proportion - he's so tall. Also, searching for shoes last night proved to us that his feet aren't out-of-proportion big. Looking online, there were multiple places that have shoes in size 20 - more than 5 sizes larger than Ben's. In addition, several of Ben's friends have feet as big or bigger than Ben's. Oh, and maybe Jeremy learned that Ben's feet aren't nearly the size of a cruise ship when he took that cruise we helped him take last year.

Ben said...

... and by the way, we were able to find many shoes in my size, just none that I thought were worth the price. $70 for a pair of shoes?!? I'm WAY too cheap for that!