Thursday, March 18, 2010

Haircuts and a New Chinese Proverb

Many people make up statistics. I tend to make up Chinese proverbs. It's far more fun. Tonight I was discussing my friend Ambrosia with her sister. I've met her sister, but just in passing. Unfortunately, Ambrosia, who does my hair, hasn't joined the technology generation. She doesn't own a computer, and although she belongs to Facebook and has an email address, she never logs on.

I leave her messages she doesn't get. We laugh about it when I finally catch up with her. It doesn't change anything, but I tease her about it all the same. Tonight I went to her Facebook page and noticed that her sister was listed as a friend. Since I'd met her, I went to her page, figuring I'd send her a message asking her to rattle Ambrosia's cage for me. What followed was about an hour of back and forth messages—more fun than I've had online in quite a while.

The summary conclusion her sister made was that Ambrosia was underpaid at her present salon, and that she should leave for a better place where she would get more money. (Perhaps she was thinking that Ambrosia would buy herself a computer then?)

I wrote on her message board, "If she leaves, I go with her. She knows that. I was one of her first customers. I belong to her now. It's a Chinese proverb, you know. If you save someone's hair, they belong to you for life."

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