Saturday, March 27, 2010

Telling You Why I've Written Less

The last few weeks it's been very difficult for me to write in my blog very often because I don't want it to turn into a political blog. I do occasionally share my opinions and frustrations, or a bit of political humor, but I can't allow it to turn into a soap box. Unfortunately, the events of the last month have so overwhelmed my attention that it's just been very difficult to change pace and write a humorous blog, or put together something that deals with the quirks of my everyday life.

So with this nonverbal expletive, I'll sign off tonight with the resolve that tomorrow I will download my camera of the photos I've taken during my walks the last couple of weeks and see if I can't put together something a little more cheerful. But before I put this away, I have two things to add. Did you like the new ObamaCare Logo pictured above? And have you seen the latest music video released to try to get people to laugh while worrying and praying? I couldn't resist adding it below.

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