Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Power and the Glory

Tonight a thunderstorm is flashing around the heavens, crashing amid the rain, the crown on a spectacular day. For some reason, weather like this always makes me think of the Biblical expression "the power and the glory." It's like an expression of God's might to me. We're all aware, or should be, that weather can be violent and dangerous. From the comfort and safety of home, though, it's beautiful beyond belief.

Some wonderful things happened today. My cousin Joe and his wife Wendy were here from Wisconsin. This is my Aunt Cookie's oldest son, and we shared bison chili and memories, sat outside and breathed in the beautiful 82 degree weather. It was a fine day, made all the sweeter by their rare visit.

When the day had ended, and promises made to other friends necessitated their departure, we piled into the car together. As we drove past the house next to ours, we passed several does and a few young bucks. There, tucked into their midst were the two baby fawns, curled up by their mama for a rest. All is well in Bambi's thicket.

I love a Hollywood ending.

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