Thursday, July 30, 2009

Health Care, American vs. Canadian and British Systems

As our president and congress attempt to push national health care on the country, polls show that currently only 23% of Americans now believe this plan, whatever it is, would actually mean lower health care costs for patients in America. Tomorrow night on the ABC television show 20/20, they are finally airing the segment on the Canadian and British Health Care System that was preempted when Michael Jackson died. I'm sure you remember that all other TV programming came to a screeching halt for days.

The program will begin at either 9:00 or 10:00 p.m., depending on your time zone. I'm lucky enough to get it at 9:00. If it's too late for you, I suggest you tape it. If you're technologically challenged, get a friend to tape it. Set up your DVR. Whatever. This is information you need to hear. What you think about it is your business, just as what I think about it is mine.

I was having a heated (way too heated) argument with my oldest son a couple of months ago, a political difference of opinion. He sits way on the left of the theatre. I'm not on the right, but am a very conservative traditional. I'm more likely to vote against an incumbent than for either party, but I doubt there's a Democrat on the hill right now who could earn my vote. I digress, as usual.

After the steam cleared from my eyes and ears, I realized something. Tighe and I had actually had a stimulating conversation. What makes me really angry, and with nothing to discuss, are those well-meaning friends who smile and say, "You know, the news just upsets me, so I don't watch it. What is cap and trade, anyway? No, never mind. I'd rather not know. All the decisions are made in Washington anyway. We can't do a thing about it."

I've heard that sort of statement from so many people lately. The more you allow yourself to remain uninformed (good grief, I almost used the word ignorant!) the more self-fulfilling your prophesy might become. There's a reason our Constitution begins with the words We the People.


Sharon and Marvin said...

So what do we do? writing them doesn't seem to help any, just get a form letter back.

Kathleen said...

Writing does help. It makes your voice heard. It's stalled this bill, made our legislators really think twice about whether or not it will cost them their jobs. It just might not pass. We can pray, too. I'm doing both, and more than once. We can talk about it... once in awhile at least.