Saturday, July 11, 2009

Or You Could Watch a Snake

Because I play the accordion, people tend to question whether or not I have good taste. My friend Sherrie has been telling me for years about a television station she and her husband John really enjoy called RFDtv. We recently found that it had been added to our lineup, but just tonight I finally tuned it in for the first time. What did I see?

I watched a band called Whoopee and the Dairyland Dutchmen playing their accordions and tubas, along with assorted other wind and percussion instruments, on a show called The Big Joe Super Show. I actually couldn't look away. It actually kind of reminded me of the band "Da Yoopers" from Northern Michigan. People were dancing the polka. There were old ladies dancing together. There were little kids dancing with their mothers or each other. Little kids with old ladies. Old ladies with old men. Actually, there were probably representatives of every age there except teens. I don't think I saw a teenager. I think I can figure that one out.

Tomorrow I'll have a surprise for John. Yes, I recorded it for him. I figure it's the only way he'll believe me. I'm not going to let him erase it, either. I figure, if we ever need to encourage someone to leave (which admittedly isn't likely) we'll just play it during dinner every night.

I wonder what Sherrie watched on that channel. I have a feeling this might not have been it.


sherrie said...
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sherrie said...

Oh, I've seen The Big Joe Polka Show, but only for about a minute at a time. Don't worry, it's on every week and they have lots of different bands - and every one I've seen has at least one accordion.

My John loves RFD-TV as much or more than I do. Our favorite show is Ag PhD. We like Machinery of the Past, the Tractor Parades(?), and the shows about farming in different states. We've learned about calves, cattle and horses, and we love when they visit farmers from all over who have restored machinery or invented things to use on their farms. I even tune in to the Cumberland Highlanders once in a while. Yep, we ♥ RFD-TV!!!

sherrie said...

P.S. I really enjoy watching and listening to you play the accordion. In fact, if you put videos of your songs up on youtube, I would make them favorites. The Big Joe Polka Show is fun for a minute or two, but you're better than most I have seen on that show, especially in your song choices. ;)

Kathleen said...

Wow, Sherrie, you're just way too kind. You give new meaning to the expression "looking through the eyes of love."