Saturday, July 5, 2008

View From the Ridge

Last night we sat on the ridge behind our friend Doug's house, just up the hill on the acre above ours. From there we can see the valley on the other side of the foothills. We watched the fireworks start up shortly after dark.

From our vantage point we could hear quite well, and could see at a distance the fireworks from about ten small cities and towns on the floor of the valley. It was an incredible experience. It is wonderful to feel that on this one day each year we're all celebrating the birth of a nation—our own.

I know it's popular to point out the problems our country has. I can't imagine living anywhere else. We sure come closer than any other country I've ever heard of to the ideals I hold. I'm not going to get political. I just want to point out that as a nation, we're one lucky bunch of people.

I've started something new this year, and I suggested it in church. Whenever you feel like complaining about the high cost of gas, or the increasing costs of food, say a prayer instead. It will do more good, and you'll
probably feel better.

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Ri said...

Great idea! I can't really listen to the news anymore - I just get too annoyed at the complaining and whining. Especially when people complain about the price of gas (and want to blame), yet don't think twice about dropping $4.50 for a soda at the movies or better yet - bottled water which in some cases is more expensive than gas -- and it flows freely from the sky!
I am certainly grateful for America and believe freedom is indeed fragile and should be treated as such.