Saturday, July 26, 2008

Remembering To Breathe

Tonight as I walked out on the back deck, a mama deer was about twenty feet away with her twin fawns.  Some things put life in perspective. That did it for me. Their legs are getting stronger so quickly. Two weeks ago they were spindly, and shook when they walked. Now, although spots still decorate their coats, they can jump and bound around the yard. It's great entertainment. There's nothing on the television to compare.

Their bright eyes are inquisitive when I speak to them, but Mama deer is used to me. I wonder if she realizes they've been visiting without her every morning. They were on the rear deck this morning, their curiosity overcoming their good sense, I suppose. I'm harmless, and when they're grown, their little ones will also enjoy my corner of heaven. They don't eat my flowers. I only grow the ones they don't have a taste for, like the Iris. 

We talked for awhile. Well, I talked and they stood and listened. Deer are very polite. If I bring my guitar out, they stay until I finish playing. They must be fond of music. Sorry, dear, no concert tonight. Like Robert Frost, I have "promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep." But I did take a deep breath, and it helps the words flow.


Ri said...

Did you take that picture? How beautiful!

[Your] woods are lovely, dark, and deep . . .

Kathleen said...

Yes, the photo was all mine. Now, if only I were a little better at downloading them in a more timely fashion. I have new ones of the twin fawns, but they're still in the camera... Bring the family, please, and visit our woods. Uh, please wait until the book is done. A couple more weeks should see the first draft completed. That should do it.