Friday, July 18, 2008


Can there possibly be anything more wonderful than having really great leftovers in the refrigerator? It's particularly nice when someone else depends on you for their food and you're really busy.

I'd hate to think of my husband wasting away on Ramen and Twinkies while I sit in here writing a fantasy novel about good versus evil. That doesn't sound fair. So I've really been vigilant in keeping a lot of great food in there. Every night I make sure he has something that he didn't eat the night before, with a good variety, too. Balanced nutrition is something I at least think about. Is spaghetti, corn and a salad balanced? Well, it looks good on the plate and he loves it. That's pretty balanced when the cook is writing a novel.

Tonight, even though we had two really wonderful stuffed tomatoes still sitting in there, (and they sounded great to me) I set them aside for tomorrow night. Dumb, I guess, but John had them last night. Tonight I made a chicken dish that he really enjoys. Now in a couple of nights, when the stuffed tomatoes are just a memory, there will be leftover poppy seed chicken. Cool.

This way I'm usually only spending major time in the kitchen every other night, except when he raids the leftovers at lunchtime. Except for the days when that happens, on those alternate nights I just reheat, add some yogurt, applesauce or a salad and serve.

Am I getting smarter, or just more organized? Oh, somebody please write and tell me I'm finally getting smarter.

Never mind. I wouldn't believe you anyway.

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Sharon and Marvin said...

When the children were little, Friday night was "Restaurant Night" where all the left overs were pulled out and everyone got to choose their meal...I hate throwing food away. Now that there is just the two of us, we do much the same as you. We have found the crockpot to be a wonderful invention, especially for homemade soups...prepared in the morning, simmering all day fills the room with wonderful smells, and when we get home dinner is all ready. And, yes, there is always left overs.