Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Retraining my mouth

I know it's not nice, but I've been so accustomed to John not being able to hear me, that when he does something I don't like (just change the channel while I'm watching something on TV for instance) I make comments that I know he can't hear. Unless he's actually looking at me and sees my mouth moving, I'm safe. I can say anything I want. So yesterday, while I was watching NCIS, he picked up the phone and dialed a friend, and while talking, grabbed the remote and muted the volume completely for about ten minutes. He could have just paused it, since we have a DVR, but didn't think about the fact that I was watching something. So I said, "What a rude, stupid thing to do..." I said it very quietly. 

Did I mention that John got his hearing aids yesterday? After finishing his conversation without comment, he hung up, looked over at me and said, "So I'm rude and stupid, am I?" Boy, was I surprised. I apologized for my mouth, but explained his options, like leaving the room or pausing the TV. He had, after all, said that I could watch whatever I wanted, and so he knew I was watching that show. Did he really think I didn't want to hear it? He then told me to just rewind it myself, which I had already done, of course.

By that time I felt about an inch high. It's definitely time to retrain my mouth. 


Ben said...

I think this will help to improve your marriage all the much more! Blessings come in disguise all the time.

Kathleen said...

Yes, and it was a reminder to me that John isn't the only one who can hear me even when I speak under my breath...

sherrie said...

I'm just sitting here laughing my head off!!!!!

Thanks for that!