Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year!

And what have we learned? Growing older doesn't really mean we've learned all that much, I guess. More about that in a moment...

I haven't been writing much in my blog, because what's to say? What a wonderful day this is! Our best Christmas yet, and we're living in a post card! All true. We did have a really wonderful Christmas season, and I decided to delay until Saturday removing my Christmas decorations. I'm still enjoying them, so why not? We've taken some day trips to the Apple Genius Bar to answer some questions on my new system software, but other than that, we've stayed pretty close to home, just enjoying being here. John's got his radios, and I'm busy with my yarn work.

Now, back to my opening statement. Since childhood I've known that I pass out easily. When Mom took us for shots, she says the other three would cry. I'd smile, then pass out. I passed out when I got my ears pierced. (Laugh if you must.) When my oldest son got stitches, and the doctor asked me to help hold him still, I passed out, and then the doctor had two patients. Boy, was he upset. Often, when I see someone else injured, I either pass out, or come really close. 

Last night John was watching something I had saved on TV for him, some extreme sports gone wrong. I was sitting there, kind of watching with him, really not thinking it was going to be that bad, when a young man was really badly hurt. Really badly. I got up from my chair with one thought in mind — I'm going to pass out. That thought was too big to allow sensible thoughts in there, like why get up if you're going to pass out, or why not ask for help. 

I made it into the kitchen, played body pinball while getting a glass of water, and then played body pinball against several corners and walls on my way back into the dining room. That's as far as I made it before I actually did pass out, hitting the doorway, the table, and who knows what else. (Yes, I spilled the water.) I not only have some very colorful bruises, and a stiff and sore body, but I scared poor John half to death. In fact, here it is the next day, and although he's been up for hours, he hasn't gone down to his radio room. He keeps walking the floor behind me, asking me, "Are you okay?" I guess he's decided he'd like to keep me around another year. And yes, I'm fine. I just needed to do something really dumb to start the new year so that I don't start feeling too smart. 

So if you're thinking that I need a keeper, be glad. I have one.

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