Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Who thinks up this stuff?

Wrapping paper. I've just never questioned it before. And somehow, it's always been my job. John wrap something? Forget it. When did wrapping presents start to kill my back, anyway? I used to stay up all night on Christmas eve, wrapping presents, and I don't remember having it bother my back. I remember being tired, and worrying that I wouldn't get done. I also remember worrying that things wouldn't come out evenly between the three boys, or that I'd run out of ribbon, paper, scotch tape or bow tacks. At that point, the wrapping had to look really good, since the contents were carefully chosen but very low budget. 

Now I've been wrapping for two days, and only seem to have gotten a few gifts finished. I'm not even hand tying my own bows this year, and don't have that many people on my gift list. I should be done. I'm not, but I'm close. I think I'll quit for a week or so and work on the Christmas cards. The older I get the more quickly I lose focus, I guess.

Before I leave the Christmas gift wrapping theme behind, though, I want to share my favorite all time Christmas gift wish list. It was from Benjamin. All he wanted one year was a rock, a chicken, and something green. And that's what he got: a geode, a fluffy, chirping chick on a string, and a stuffed Kermit the Frog. And they were beautifully wrapped.

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sherrie said...

I bought some fabric at a 70-90% off after-Christmas sale a couple of years ago. I was going to sew them into drawstring bags of various sizes, the drawstrings being made of ribbon to tie into a nice bow, but then I found this style of Japanese fabric-folding, Furoshiki. Now I just need to hem squares of various sizes and learn to fold them. But will it really be any easier than paper wrapping? Maybe, maybe not.