Friday, December 7, 2007

The White Stuff

We're up early, watching the white stuff fall from the skies. We've been praying for snow ever since returning from the smoky skies of California. When we returned, the forecast was for snow the next day, but it didn't happen here. We were really disappointed. Then the bad news was that we wouldn't be getting any for at least ten days. 

Just as we were preparing to travel up to Rocky Mountain National Park, 25 miles up the road, to get my photos for this year's Christmas Card, the forecast changed. Now it's coming down slowly, and has been since about one in the morning. We've only had about an inch so far, and the ground is still showing through in places, so I'm not ready to start shooting my masterpiece yet, but I'm hopeful. This storm comes with a confirmation of the one thing I've always known about God. He sure has a sense of humor.

It's supposed to snow until Sunday. The heaviest snowfall is expected from Saturday afternoon through the night. Well, guess what. I've finally been asked to sing in church at this Saturday evening's service. I've been practicing "No Reservation at the Inn," an old Statler Brothers song. In good weather it takes us 20 minutes to get to church. In bad weather? Well, it can be an interesting trip. And when do I want to take the photos? In the evening, when the light is on the front side of the house, just after the sun sets, so the lights show up really nicely against the snow and the house. We'll be gone before then, and darkness will be well and truly complete before we return. Laugh, God. And remind me to be careful of what I pray for, in case I might get it all on the same day.

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