Saturday, December 15, 2007

Over the River and Through the Woods

We've had a couple of interesting days. Yesterday was definitely better than Thursday. Thursday we got up early and drove all the way to Broomfield to the Apple store to get some time at the Genius Bar. For some reason my computer suddenly thought I was Japanese, and many of my programs started showing off the buttons in Kanji. It was interesting. I don't read Kanji. Also, for security and backup reasons, along with some other rather powerful features, we had decided it was time to upgrade to the new System software. I was buying that during the trip as well.

Genius Bar personnel seem to know the workings of Macs like — well — geniuses. We were fixed and running really quickly. It was well worth the hour and a half to get there. Besides, we had something to get at Sharper Image, which also has their closest store at Broomfield, so it was a good trip. We also found our annual Christmas Angel ornament for our tree, so we went home safe and happy, had lunch, and were well pleased. Until...

I unpacked my laptop and discovered that the power cord had been left at the Apple Store. Laptops don't give you much time without the power cord, so we called them and they said we'd have to come back to retrieve it. So a four hour plus in store time trip turned into an all day affair. But we were safe and got everything done. We're arrived back home just as dark was closing in on us, and then spent the next day backing up the entire drive.

At four o'clock we left the computer backing up the last of my data and went to Longmont to spend a wonderful evening with friends Matt and Heather and their kids, plus Matt's brother David and his wife Heather and their kids. It was a wonderful evening, with a great turkey dinner. Best of all was being with these two wonderful families. The kids are really fun, and we've missed them since the football games ended. 

So now I'm going to sign off and reformat my drive completely and do a clean install on the new system software (yes, a lot of hassle, but really the best way to do it). After that, I'll start reinstalling things, so if you really need me quickly in the next day or so, you might want to use the telephone. Wish me luck. 

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