Thursday, February 25, 2010

What Happened to February?

Every February is unusually busy because of annual doctor's appointments, but this one has just rushed past. I looked at the calendar this morning and thought I had forgotten to switch the month from January, since it couldn't possibly be the 25th already. I think the Olympics have put me in another realm of consciousness. If I'm watching the Olympics, time doesn't count or something.

I guess that's as pathetic as the athletes from the countries (you know which ones they are) who know that if they don't get the gold, their countries will consider them a failure. Wow. I watch some of these people give every bit of strength they have and then pull out a little more, and I realize I'm breathing hard just sitting in my armchair. They might be from Poland or Turkey or America. They astound me.

Some of the stories are great, too. The U. S. snowboarder who was in a training accident in Utah and is now recovering from a severe brain injury really put things in perspective. Some of them put everything on the line. I guess most of them do—their life styles, if not their very lives. I'm a watcher. I'm an appreciative audience, but I fulfill that role exceptionally well. Judicious use of the DVR ensures that if the hockey game is in the final period and I have to take care of something urgent, I can pause it. And if I fall asleep at midnight and it's not over yet, I can hold the rest for morning.

Whoever would have thought I'd watch cross country skiing? Curling? There's actually quite a bit of finesse going on there. No, I'm sure you're just going to have to take my word for it. Well, I could continue this, but the ice skating is getting reading to start back up. I can do that. In my dreams. Of course, I can fly in my dreams, too.

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