Monday, December 28, 2009

A Lot of Love

Eventually there will be a slide show on the blog, but even that won't really convey just how special this late afternoon wedding was. I don't think I've ever seen a bride and groom so relaxed and just contented to be together enjoying each moment and every guest. The reception was handled the same way, and was just perfect. I'm still more than a little overwhelmed by the whole experience of watching my son get married. It was an amazing experience. Since I haven't yet processed all the feelings, I'll let some photos speak for me. The first two are professional shots. The rest are mine.

Those of you who prayed that they would make the trip safely, and worried when there were so many problems on their trip, I thank you for helping keep the faith that it would work out. For Tighe, Stacey, Uncle Ken, Aunt Kay and Uncle Joe, Uncle Pat and Aunt Betty, and those from Elisha's family who traveled so far to be with them on this special day, I want to say thank you for helping make this beginning so special for them.

Bride and groom with parents.

Jeremy's brother Tighe (best man) with his dad John.

Jeremy with his dad and brother Tighe, who was the best man.

Me and John, parents of the groom, before the ceremony.

Bride Elisha and Jeremy getting ready to enter the chapel.

The decorated car.

Elisha with her maids.

Jeremy—he's as proud and happy as he appears.

After the ceremony, before going to the reception, we drove to the Las Vegas sign for a few photos.

Pat and Betty at the reception. They're always fun...

One of Elisha's nephews fell asleep before the food was ready.

Not a traditional wedding cake, but we all enjoyed it...

And they fed each other with dignity and style.

If you'd like to see the videotape of the actual wedding ceremony, you can look online and enter the groom's name as Harrell, the bride's name as Fierro, and the wedding date as Dec. 27, 2009. Please note that we all obviously thought the cameras were turned off long before they were... Oh, well. We are what we are.

Congratulations, Jeremy and Elisha.

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sherrie said...

I'm SO happy that everything worked out so well for their wedding day! The photos are beautiful, Jeremy and Elisha look truly joyful. They really conquered the difficulties on the path to getting there, and I think that will really bless their future -- they fought for it and they WON! What a wonderful celebration for a great couple! Congratulations Jeremy & Elisha!!!