Thursday, February 19, 2009

Which Way Did They Go?

For this entire week, I haven't seen a single deer on our property. This happens a few times a year, and I always wonder where they go when they're not here. Also, why do all of them disappear at the same time? They don't thin out gradually. One day they're here, and the next, they're not. Just last week, there were a couple dozen deer running around here—grazing, looking contented and happy. They would munch and watch me watching them. Do you suppose they get together and have conversations?

"Hey, Bambi, let's go see what they're growing on the other side of the hill."

"Gee, Faline, we were there a couple of months ago, and it wasn't nearly as nice as this. Remember? And it was a long walk back. You complained all the way."

"Well, I want to go, anyway. We never go anywhere anymore."

"I suppose you're going to keep at me until I agree, huh?"

"See, you're getting smarter every year."

"Well, let's see if we can get the whole herd to go along. Maybe the house people will put out some new salt licks while we're gone."

No, I don't suppose they talk. There are probably very good reasons why they disappear for a couple of weeks once in awhile. I just wish they'd leave a note or something, so I'd know when they're coming back. I miss them.

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