Friday, February 13, 2009

Room With a View

We do have lots of room here, and each room has a view. We love being home. I remember when we'd look forward to being on the road. I craved travel when we lived in the suburbs of California, just the chance to go anywhere. Now there's just nothing quite so fine as being home—unless it's being home with friends or family here to enjoy it with us.

These photos reflect just two of the mornings that have blessed us since we've been back from our last trip to California. The first was taken just before daybreak one morning. The other was taken a few days later, just after the sun came up. Both these photos were taken looking toward the hills in the West, so the sun is rising behind the house, and I'm
on the front deck. The crisp air smells so fresh 
and clean.

It's a grand way
to start
a new day. 

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