Thursday, October 2, 2008

On Not Being Young

Most of the time I appreciate being the age I am. I don't grieve over lost youth. In fact, I remember all too well the problems inherent in being young, let alone immature. Age does have some benefits. It's difficult to get older without learning a few life lessons. It can be done, of course, but it takes more determination than I've had.

Lately, however, and it's obvious this has been coming from the first word written above, I've been longing for those innocent days of childhood. I don't refer to running around outside playing while mom cleaned the house, although that was nice. I wish it still worked that way. I'm referring to that glorious time of youth when I trusted the government to have the country's best interests at heart, rather than merely the best interests of the politicians.

Tonight I sat through a listing of the "pork" in the financial bail out bill. First it made me angry. Then I got sick. Now I'm just sad. Millions of dollars are being offered as bribes to get our representatives to vote for a piece of legislation they know is not a good bill. We might agree that something needs to be done, but bribing our politicians with favors unrelated to the bailout with money paid for by tax dollars garnered by those of us who did nothing wrong is beyond disreputable. 

I find it difficult to sit down and blog lately. It's been a place for my joys and memories, but as the politics get dirtier, and my fear for my beloved country mounts, I find it difficult to escape to that happy place. So tonight we'll watch the Vice Presidential debate, wondering if anything said will offer hope to a country that gives its own congress a mere 9% approval rating. 

And if I don't blog for awhile, please forgive me. I'm just feeling very old lately.

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