Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hearing--Or Not

This is the second consecutive trip to California where I've developed sudden severe hearing loss due to congestion in my ear canals. Voices, including my own, sound like they're coming from a distant and very poor quality speaker that somebody has hidden beneath a pillow.

At this point I figure there are a few options. The last time this happened, it took two trips to different doctors and ten days on medication before it gradually began to improve. After about a month it returned to normal, which was nice. Few things about me are truly normal. I can go the same route, hoping for the same slow progress while I continue to say, "Huh?" everytime someone speaks to me.

Staying above 6,000 feet seems to work really well, but I guess that's not too practical, unless I can get all the people I love to come to me. That's not been as successful as we'd like. Somebody said if I held my head under water for about thirty minutes, it might stop the problem. That sounds like it would stop aging, as well.

Suggestions would be welcome.

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