Wednesday, June 25, 2008

We Could Never Be Sure

Dad would tell us a story, and we wouldn't be able to tell if it was true or not. He had one of those faces that could hold an expression forever. It could be stern or solemn, earnest or forthright. He could make you believe him while telling a whopper, or make you question his sanity when telling the truth. I was thinking back to one of those times when we didn't believe him but should have.

Daddy was talking about some friends back in Michigan, the Berger brothers. He said their names were Ham and Lim. Ham Berger and Lim Berger? Yeah, Dad. That's pretty funny. Sure, we believe you. (Wink, wink.) He insisted it was true.

We simply didn't believe him. It got to be a running joke. Would we name our kids something like that? Whenever we'd meet someone with a name that could be punned around with, we would come home considering our options. Bum Rush comes to mind. Leaky Waters. Some of them were pretty bad. None were as good as Ham Berger and Lim Berger.

Imagine our surprise when we actually met one of the Berger twins on one of our trips to Michigan. With Dad, you could just never be sure.

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