Thursday, June 19, 2008

Waiting For Guests

One of our great joys in living here in the foothills is the advent of visitors. It's just such a joy to us that we finally have the space to accommodate guests, and a locale worthy of being visited. I suppose they like to see us, as well. If I didn't believe that, I probably wouldn't enjoy cooking for them as much as I do. I love spoiling our guests.

One of John's most long-lasting friendships is with his friend Dan. John and Dan met when they were in College at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Then they eventually worked together at the Naval Base. Every year I know the Christmas season is at hand when Dan's wife Pat sends us our first Christmas card. I sometimes wonder if she starts addressing envelopes on the Fourth of July. She's never late. She's never second. Even when we moved, she didn't misplace our new address, and her card still arrived before anyone else's. Since she works as a nurse, you'd think she'd be too busy to be so organized. That's okay. I like her anyway.

The clock almost seems to have stopped ticking. They arrive this evening. I have a drunken ham in the crock pot, pre-cooked ribs marinating in the fridge for a cookout (complete with s'mores and sparklers around the fire pit, of course) and a lemon chiffon pie already cooling. I've made two loaves of bread, and I do all this in advance so I can sit and enjoy them once they arrive.

There are flowers in their room, some from my own garden. Preparations are done. And now I'm expected to just wait?

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