Sunday, May 11, 2008

What Makes a Mother's Day Grand

  • A husband who grills for you, and cleans up after, even covering and putting away all of the leftovers;
  • Eating on the deck, and being joined by a favorite neighbor;
  • Speaking to your own Mom, and laughing about the times when you were little;
  • Talking to your kids, and laughing about the times when they were little;
  • Hearing your granddaughter mangle the word Grandma over the phone for the first time;
  • Believing that the song you did in church (When Mama Prayed) couldn't have gone much better, and that the congregation really seemed to like it; and
  • Reading, relaxing and working on a baby blanket for the new grandchild due in August.
Now, if we could have gathered all the family on the decks with us, exchanging phone calls for visits, grand would have turned into awesome. But grand was good enough for me, and I enjoyed my Mother's Day to the hilt.

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