Saturday, October 20, 2007

I'm Cooking With Gas

Actually I've been cooking with gas for several days now, and enjoying it immensely. I had this wonderful idea, that for our first meal cooked on the new range, I'd make things like sausages and sauerkraut, served with baked beans and broccoli. John would enjoy a meal that would not only be cooked with gas, but would leave a "memory of gas." Then I realized who would be the one to suffer the most from that particular type of humor, and so I christened the new gas range by making shepherd pie. 

This morning I used the built in griddle for the first time, doing apple pancakes. It worked great. It's the first time I've used the new oval burner, and the built in griddle is a great size for us. This range was worth waiting for. 

I'll admit I'm getting spoiled. The cost of living is so much lower here that we're living a lot better on a lot less money than we ever could in So Cal. I don't know how anyone manages to retire in Southern California and maintain their lifestyle while taking a 40-60% salary decrease. Our life style has actually improved, and things will be even better once we finish the remodeling projects, which should be pretty soon. There are only a few things left that we hope to accomplish. Luckily we're in no rush. 

I guess life has always been good in many ways, but it hasn't always been this easy or this filled with beauty and nature. OK. I'm happy. Find out why. Meet us at the Denver airport, and we'll drive you up here....

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sherrie said...

LUCKY!!! I don't think it is possible (without spending an actual fortune) to put gas into this house. Some people don't care about gas, others prefer electric -- if you leave out the ones who have never cooked with gas (poor souls), I just don't understand the rest. Do you think I have a very strong opinion regarding cooking with gas? YES!!!

However, all that being said, I have really been taken by induction cooking -- could I be lured back to electric? Yet it also costs a fortune. Hmmmm . . . I am a conundrum. Thanks for being my friend in spite of myself :-)