Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Crash, Bang, Tickle, Tinkle

I didn't do it, but I'll admit I'm glad it happened. Let's back up and take this from the beginning.

When we moved in, the one thing I said I couldn't live with was the electric range. So we were going to change to gas from the beginning, but other things needed to happen first. We also knew we had to get the roof replaced or completely re-shingled before Winter hits again because of some damage done last Winter due to ice damming. It was the original roof. We already had the damage (to the fascia boards) corrected. It was not cheap, either. So if we're putting in a roof, this is the best time to install the vent for the gas range, which must be done to comply with building and safety codes. The hole for the vent fan has to be cut through the kitchen ceiling and comes out through the roof. So we got our roofing bids, and found we could actually afford to do the range at the same time time as the roof. Whoopee. 

We did the Consumer Reports research on ranges, then did our in-town cost comparison, and wound up ordering a wonderful oven at a good price. It will come in two weeks, and I'll put a photo up then, but we were able to bring home the over-the-oven range hood (fan, lighting and vent). 

Here's where it gets interesting. All the appliances in the kitchen are black or silver except for the dishwasher and the over the stove microwave, which John had to remove to replace with the hood vent. He was going to move the old white microwave monstrosity across the room and mount it next to my beautiful platinum LG fridge. I agreed to this. It was the best solution. After all, it wouldn't have been right to just throw it down the stairs. It still worked, after all. It wasn't great, but it did still work. 

Well, praise the Lord! He dropped it! Today we found a great new one for $150. It's an LG, smaller on the outside, bigger on the inside, loaded with new features, ten years newer, and it looks great next to the fridge. I couldn't have scripted it better. And I think I was happy enough that John no longer feels so bad about dropping the old one. So — crash, bang, tinkle, tinkle, grin!

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sherrie said...

I LOVE it when things work out that way. No one ever wants to spend the money if they don't really have to, but then when all is said and done, it doesn't cost that much more and now you have a completely up-to-date kitchen. YAY!!!