Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Time To Let the Secret Out

Now that Labor Day is over, I can finally tell the secret I've been keeping. My Wisconsin cousins were having a reunion during the Labor Day weekend holiday. While we were there at Aunt Cookie's cabin, two of the brothers came to prepare a particularly crazy prank. They brought along some "wolf eyeballs" to be hammered into some of the tree trunks. They were also setting out remote speakers in the woods, and had brought along a CD of wolves howling. When the howling starts, someone in on the prank says, "Listen to that! It sounds like wolves!" and shines a flashlight into the woods. Then everybody sees the eyes glowing in the dark among the trees — really close, and not moving. You're surrounded by the looks of things.

Add in the campfires, children to be protected, and all those not used to roughing it, and you can well imagine the chaos that must have followed. I'm really sorry we weren't able to stick around for that. Apparently they had pulled a similar stunt at deer camp one year, which finally ended with Joe trotting into the woods with his gun (rifle, I think) saying he'd get it. A couple of shots later, he came back in carrying the CD player. Some of the guys had nearly wet their pants.

My cousins like to pull pranks.

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