Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Family Time in Holland

Before and after our trip to Sweden and the cruise, we spent days of love and laughter with Ben, Ruth, and our grandchildren. We enjoyed Kate's 3rd birthday, highlighted with laughter and the joy of watching how beautifully she knew how to share with Ashley. We were still there for the first day of the school year for Ashley and for Kate, starting preschool for the first time. We were there when Aiden turned 6th months old, and knew joy day by day. 

When I think of our travels, these are the first days that come to mind. It's not the monuments and tourist sites that made August memories the most special of treasures. It's the time spent with family. It's true that it's not where you go in life, but who you share it with that makes it special. 

There were times spent at the local play area near their home, when the girls ran from swings to other playground equipment. It's a nice place for children, and a great place for a nap, as Grandpa demonstrated. 

Ashley showed off her skill on a bicycle and the girls played in the sandbox. Ruth's patience seems endless. You can't hide the kind of parents you are when you invite the folks to spend a month. These are solid, loving parents—consistent and deserving of as many children as they can handle. I realize I've said this before, if not on my blog, then at least to friends: I'm so glad they're raising my grandchildren. I know my other sons well enough to believe they'll be good parents, too, when they're so blessed.

Just in time to see us before we returned home, our oldest son, Tighe, flew in to Amsterdam on a business trip and was able to join the family for a visit before getting down to work. It was such a wonderful time, and I loved hearing the girls count down the days before Uncle Tighe's arrival. They adore him, and it's no wonder why. He's so willing to get down on their level and play, almost tirelessly. Most importantly, he loves them back in the same way.

He had his arms and lap full almost from the moment of his arrival, it seemed, whenever he sat down. Standing up, someone was climbing one of his legs or dancing around him. Uncle must sound like a word of delight to him, the way their sweet voices sang it out.

Our time with the family was sweet, and here's a short slide show to share some of our favorite photos of those days.


Dean K Miller said...

Precious times indeed. So glad you were able to enjoy them so much.

John Paul McKinney said...

Practig, hoor! Bijzonder. Drie kleinen knuffeljes. (Beautiful, indeed. Special. Three little cuddle-bugs). That's Utrecht slang but you get the idea. I whipped by too quickly this morning and wanted to take time to veiw the slide show. Really glad I did. The Netherlands is such a kid-friendly place. I loved seeing the bak-fiets (carrier tricycle). My son brought one back with him and rides it around the lakes in Minneapolis with one, two, or all three kids. Your children and grandchildren seem joyful and well loved. Congratulations, Mom and Dad! I mean it.

Melisa Marzett said...

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