Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Un-Entered Contest

I almost entered a writing contest. When I saw the topic, I was excited, and immediately wrote my entry. If I had just mailed it in, I could now say I had entered a contest. I'm just not a real confident person. I got a few opinions. Two friends said it was great, a real winner. Another thought it needed some work, so I took it to the critique group.

I got so many conflicting opinions at that group that I just packed it all away, figuring I'd look it over when we returned from our trip to California. Unfortunately, I came home too sick to even think about it, and by the time I remembered, the deadline was the next day. Oh, well. I almost entered a writing contest. 

I think tomorrow I'll turn it into a blog. I'm trying to decide if I'm going to edit it any from my original or not. After all, some of the comments the group members made were good—some weren't, but some were. Let's see how much time I have tomorrow.

I only have a few more yarn hours to go before I can get back to my writing without "Granny Guilt."

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